I pour my candles at 6%, can I use the 8% CLP template?

It has been thought that a CLP label could cover you ‘up to’ the stated dosage, likely stemming from the fact that it’s ok to produce a possibly overestimated CLP label when working from a ‘banded’ SDS as you have to put in the upper concentration of the hazardous components. The CLP regulation states that it’s ok to classify a diluted product with a more concentrated version if the mixture has been tested. Typically within the candle industry, CLP information for mixtures is calculated using data available for the components within the mixture rather than testing the mixture itself, so I would not assume that it’s ok to use a CLP label to cover ‘up to’ a certain amount. We’d recommend using the correct CLP information for your chosen scent load. For those that do choose a load outside of the 8% and 10% templates we provide, we provide CLP services to produce the correct information for you.