You will need

1 x 100ml diffuser bottle
1 x Cap with Stopper for 100ml Diffuser Bottle
85g x Augeo diffuser base
15g x Cosy Christmas fragrance oil
8 x 3.5mm x 250mm Fibre Diffuser Reeds
1 x Label for front of diffuser
2 x *CLP labels, for base of the bottle and diffuser box
1 x Diffuser Box

Watch the Video


1. Place the empty diffuser bottle on a balance or scales.
2. Re-zero the scales.
3. Weigh 85g of Augeo diffuser base into the diffuser bottle.
4. Re-zero the scales again.
5. Weigh 15g of Cosy Christmas fragrance oil into the diffuser bottle.
6. Ensure that no liquids have contaminated the neck or threads of the bottle. If there is any contamination, clean off with a soft cloth.
7. Insert the plastic stopper and press down firmly to ensure that it does not leak. Do not use sharp force to get the stopper into the neck of the bottle.

8. Shake the mixture to ensure that the fragrance oil is fully dissolved in the diffuser base.
9. Screw the diffuser cap on firmly, taking care not to over-tighten the cap.
10. Stick the front label to the diffuser bottle.
11. Stick the CLP label to the base of the diffuser bottle, ensuring that the text on the CLP label is aligned with the front label.
12. Place the diffuser and the reeds into the diffuser box and close.
13. Stick the CLP label to your box.

To Activate Your Diffuser

1. Remove the diffuser and the reeds from the box.
2. Remove the cap and stopper from the diffuser.
3. Replace the cap onto the diffuser bottle
4. Place reeds through centre hole of the cap, ensuring that they are spread evenly

Enjoy your diffuser!

* Using the Candle Shack CLP Label Design Tool, create your base and box CLP labels with your business details. Our 60mm circular template fits perfectly on the base of our diffuser bottles and we have a 60mm square option for packaging. Once complete, save the labels as PDF’s and print at home or upload to your chosen online printer. The CS CLP Label Design Tool can be used alongside Avery, AA Labels, and many more!