Candle Wax

Choosing the most suitable candle wax for your products is one of the most important decisions you will make as a candle maker. 

We recommend starting with EcoSystem RCX (a coconut and rapeseed hybrid) or SCX (a soy and coconut hybrid).

Whilst RCX and SCX will deliver excellent results, there are other waxes available as follows:

Paraffin (or mineral) wax remains extremely popular, as it delivers excellent hot and cold scent release, has a long shelf-life and a nice smooth appearance.  Examples of this wax include CS1 and SASOL 6213.

Plant-based waxes, such as Soy, Rapeseed and Coconut waxes are also growing in popularity.  Whilst they do not usually deliver the same scent throw as a paraffin candle, they do burn very cleanly and have a pleasing creamy texture.  Examples include the brand new EcoSystem RCX, EcoSystem RS1, Naturewax C-3 and GW464.

In addition to the above, blended waxes - which combine both mineral and vegetable waxes - are growing in popularity.  These waxes offer much of the benefits of both wax types, whilst also minimising some of the drawbacks.  The most popular of these cutting edge waxes is Candle Shack's CS2 blended wax.


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Candle Shack Wax High Performance Melt (HPM) Blend Candle Shack Wax High Performance Melt (HPM) Blend
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High Performance Melt (HPM) Blend

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