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Each candle is made using:
67.5g of Ecosystem RS1 Wax, 7.5g of Blueberry & Vanilla Fragrance Oil and X V6 Wick

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Blueberry & Vanilla

Top Notes

Blueberries, Strawberries

Mid Notes

Blueberry, Jasmin

Base Notes



A fruity blend dominated by blueberries and strawberries with the powdery sweetness of vanilla.


Our RS1 is a 100% natural wax blend made with rapeseed and soy oils. Developed exclusively for Candle Shack, this wax is a truly professional grade wax having been used for years by our luxury brand clients, but is easy to use by novices and seasoned chandlers alike!


Our Lauren 9cl Votive glass is manufactured in Italy and meets the highest standards of clarity and tolerance.
Height: 67mm
Diameter: 56mm
Internal height: 57mm


A heavily engineered wick by Wedo. The V Series has cotton threads treated with catalytic powder to get the very best from hard to wick, complex perfumes. All wicks are 110mm long with a thin paraffin wax coating for stability.

Usage recommendations:
-We recommend heating RS1 to a maximum of 75°C (slowly to prevent damaging the wax).
-Add fragrance at 63°C and stir for 60 seconds.
-The mixture is ready to pour at 60°C into warmed glasses.
-If the top is uneven once set, you can flash the surface with a heat gun, or do a top up pour to get a clean finish.
-Leave the candle to cure for 2+ days for best results.


Each report shows test results for a set of candles made by Candle Shack’s R&D team for that particular recipe. The test reports are not a guarantee that all candles made to the recipe will burn in exactly the same way.
Variables such as ambient temperature, air flow, or the manufacturing process can affect the burning profile of a candle, so it is recommended that candle makers conduct their own testing to ensure that they are satisfied with the performance of their product.
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