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Apple Strudel & Spice Fragrance Oil

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An irresistible gourmand scent, our Apple Strudel And Spice Fragrance Oil brings back comforting memories of autumn treats by the fireplace. A sweet blend of apple, vanilla and warm spices meld in this classic German fragrance. Beautiful in candles, wax melts and room sprays. Read more.


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Candle Shack Fragrance Apple Strudel & Spice Fragrance Oil Candle Shack Fragrance Apple Strudel & Spice Fragrance Oil

Extra information

product details

  • Gourmand and warming Apple Strudel And Spice Fragrance Oil
  • Ideal autumn or Christmas fragrance oil
  • Amazing scent for comforting, indulgent moods
  • Mouth-watering and spicy aroma of savouring a delicious and comforting treat on a cold day
  • Luxury and long-lasting aroma
  • Sweet, fruity, apple and cinnamon top notes for indulgence
  • Lightly spiced middle notes of fruity and cinnamon
  • A subtly luscious base note of vanilla for richness and depth

No scent is more quintessential of autumn filled with delicious treats than our Apple Strudel & Spice Fragrance Oil. With its indulgent sweet notes, the apple's fruitiness and the cinnamon's warming spice, this scent is a fan-favourite for gourmand candles and wax melts. This fragrance is (1) initially characterised by the sweet aroma of sugary dough, fruit and freshly picked apples, enveloping the room in a comforting sensory hug full of the tantalising scents of a German kitchen on a cold autumn’s day… You can almost hear the apples being cut and the dough rolling. An (2) enticing heart follows where the sweetness of the fruit is warmed by the spice of cinnamon, invoking the excitement and magic of Christmas markets of yore. The (3) rich fragrance base of vanilla adds depth to the scent, elevating it to a decadent fragrance of tantalising power. Good enough to eat!

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Tried & Tested Recipes

Need help? The Candle Shack laboratory has set out to create the perfect candle for each of our fragrances.

They've tested the optimal combinations of fragrance, wax, wick and jars to produce recipes engineered to generate incredible hot and cold throw with a perfect burn profile that will leave your customers wanting more.

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