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Merry Christmas - Matt Gold 30cl Lotti Christmas Candle Jar (Box of 6)

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Light up the festive fire with our 30cl Merry Christmas candle jar!

With its sleek gold colour and adorable 'Merry Christmas' message in a darling script, it is sure to catch the eye of holiday shoppers, making your candles stand out from the crowd. The perfect way to add a little extra magic to your holiday collection.

This fabulous festive jar is just waiting for some Cosy Christmas fragrance oil and RCX to become a wonderful festive candle that all your customers will love! We have even prepared a recipe to make picture-perfect candles from the get-go.

All our laser-etched designs are made with our in-house laser systems. While our EU warehouse has limited stock, we can accommodate bigger orders by contacting our customer services at


  • Inner Diameter - 7.6cm
  • Outer Diameter (Top) - 7.78cm
  • Outer Height - 9.16cm
  • Inner Height - 7.9cm (for wicking)
  • Outer Diameter (Bottom) - 7.6cm

    Each 30cl Lotti candle jar can be filled with approximately 220g of fragranced wax.

    *Please do not wash this product as it might damage the glass. Clean with a soft warm damp cloth.

    *All candle jars come empty. Pictures are for inspirational purposes only.

    Candle Shack Candle Jar Merry Christmas - Matt Gold 30cl Lotti Christmas Candle Jar (Box of 6)


    Making picture-perfect festive candles has never been easier with our professional recipe!

    Our lab of expert chandler has designed recipes optimised for powerful scent throws and superb burn profiles to save you from long testing periods. You can add all the items needed from the recipe below and ensure you have the right quantities in your basket before you hit checkout! We've hyperlinked all the ingredients in the recipe if you rather add them all manually.

    Ready to get started? Click on the download button and make your next best sellers!

    download cosy christmas recipe