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Candle Shack

Smash the Patriarchy - White Matt 30cl Lotti Candle Jar (Box of 6)

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Introducing the 30cl 'Smash the Patriarchy' candle jar in matt white, the perfect addition to any feminist's collection. This statement jar is a great way to celebrate the achievements and ambitions of the feminist movement. 

What does a world without the patriarchy look like? Women, marginalised and underrepresented groups would be able to participate in politics, business and culture fully and have equal access to opportunity and resources. Gender would no longer be a barrier to success and gender-based violence and discrimination will no longer be tolerated. This equitable world requires action and systemic change and activists around the world are working to smash through the boundaries of the patriarchy. 

Gender equality is a fundamental human right that starts with girls having access to education. Therefore, 10% of the revenue from our Empowerment range will go to The Malala Fund. The Malala Fund, founded and run by renowned activist Malala Yousafzai, empowers advocates and community leaders to ensure that girls in their area have access to a full 12 years of free education.

This gorgeous candle jar is available in our matt white 30cl candle jar. All our laser-etched designs are made with our in-house laser systems. While our EU warehouse has limited stock, we can accommodate bigger orders by contacting our customer services at


  • Inner Diameter - 7.6cm
  • Outer Diameter (Top) - 7.78cm
  • Outer Height - 9.16cm
  • Inner Height - 7.9cm (for wicking)
  • Outer Diameter (Bottom) - 7.6cm 
Candle Shack Candle Jar Smash the Patriarchy - White Matt 30cl Lotti Candle Jar (Box of 6)