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Team Bride - Matt White 30cl Lotti Candle Jar (Box of 6)

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Meet the sweetest jar designed for bridesmaid proposals. Featuring a cute Team Bride design, this 30cl matt white candle makes a fantastic bachelorette party gift, and a special keepsake for the bride's closest party!

Pair this beautiful jar with the lovely Pear & Freesia Fragrance Oil to create an adorable party favour that event planners will absolutely fall for. 

All our laser-etched designs are made with our in-house laser systems. While our EU warehouse has limited stock, we can accommodate bigger orders by contacting our customer services at


  • Inner Diameter - 7.6cm
  • Outer Diameter (Top) - 7.78cm
  • Outer Height - 9.16cm
  • Inner Height - 7.9cm (for wicking)
  • Outer Diameter (Bottom) - 7.6cm

    Each 30cl Lotti candle jar can be filled with approximately 220g of fragranced wax.

    *Please do not wash this product as it might damage the glass. Clean with a soft warm damp cloth.

    *All candle jars come empty. Pictures are for inspirational purposes only.

    Candle Shack UK Candle Jar Team Bride - Matt White 30cl Lotti Candle Jar (Box of 6)