All You Need To Know About iMelts

The iMelt is a digitally controlled wax melter manufactured in the UK, perfect for small to medium manufacturing operations.

The iMelt is a must addition for someone looking to grow or already running a business. No more waiting around for the wax to melt- it’s ready whenever you are.

It helps you to be efficient with your candle manufacturing operations. With iMelts you can set up the temperature that you require for your wax and only worry about closing the production cycle- pouring the candles. iMelts will ensure the consistent temperature of your wax for prolonged periods of time.

How to set up the iMelt

How to Clean iMelt


Q - What does the red sign flashing up ‘out’ mean?

The flashing “OUT” sign displayed on your iMelt indicates that the power is being directed towards the heating element- turning itself off and on- to allow the temperature to be more controlled. It also maintains the temperature as close to the set point as possible. If the “OUT” light is constantly displayed this indicates that the power of the heating element is constant. This is likely to happen if the temperature inside the iMelt is a lot lower than your desired set point. Yes! You can use your iMelt in and outside the EU. Your unit will come supplied with a standard British 3-meter 13Amp kettle lead so depending on your country of origin, you may have to invest in an outlet adaptor.  We recommend having at least one inch of wax or any other desired substance from the base of your unit. This gives your iMelt something to work with, as running your unit empty might result in the permanent damage. Usually, the displayed temperature on your iMelt will be at your desired set point. Nevertheless, if a slight fluctuation occurs- within a few degrees- allow a few hours for the unit to level it out. There are several reasons for this to occur. Please see the examples below.

Example Nr.1.

Q. I have turned my iMelt on 5-10 minutes ago and the substance inside is still not melted. The display is showing 50C, but the wax inside is still solid.

Wait! The iMelt can take up to 3-4 hours to fully melt depending on the type of wax used and the set temperature. The displayed temperature will often be higher as it will mark the temperature of the heating element and not the wax.

Example Nr. 2

Q. My iMelt was set to 70 degrees, but when I added my fragrance the temperature dropped.

It is completely normal for the temperature to drop when filling up the tank with cold wax or fragrance.

Example Nr. 3

Q. I have added some wax in my iMelt, and it’s now completely melted, but the temperature indicated on the display is coming up higher than my set point.

Ensure you have enough wax inside of your iMelt. Remember to stir occasionally for a more accurate reading using a non-metallic stirrer where possible.*If all of the above is correct then this could be down to a fault with your iMelt. Our engineers can rectify these problems over the phone or a video call by adjusting a few settings on your controller. 

Q - Can I leave my machine on 24/7? Do I need to turn the temperature down?

Yes! For the best results we advise leaving the iMelt on as it uses less power, is more efficient and stops the daunting task of waiting around for the wax to melt. However, if you intend to leave your iMelt unit on for a set number of hours, please, turn down the temperature by at least 15-20 degrees. Some waxes don’t like to be kept at high temperatures and can often cause the discolouration. Once you are ready to use it again, simply turn your set point back up to your desired temperature. This will take a lot less time than heating the wax back up from its solid form.*If you are using plant-based waxes, we recommend lowering the set point temperature to 40-50°C overnight to prevent oxidisation (discolouration) of the wax.