Fragrance & Essential oils

Get ready to experience the wonderful world of scent. Elevate your candle creations with Candle Shack’s expertly crafted luxury fragrances. Our unique proprietary scents are designed with a blend of high quality oils from the top European perfumers before being extensively tested by our in house laboratory to make sure your candle, diffuser, room spray and wax melt creations are the talk of the town.

We care about the planet, so all our fragrance oils come in aluminium bottles that are infinitely recyclable and that are designed to minimise breakage during transport.

Shop Fragrances With Recipes

Candle making can be complicated, especially when there are so many different fragrances, wicks and waxes to choose from. Once you've found a forumla for one fragrance, it may not work for others.

But worry not! Our in-house lab full of expert candle makers has tried and tested the optimal combinations of fragrance, wax, wick and jars to produce recipes engineered to generate incredible hot and cold throws with a perfect burn profile.

Ready to dive in? Just pick from one of the categories below, chose your fragrance and download the recipe for the candle and size you'd like to make.