Cheryl's Story. How it all began.

On this very special day, 8th March, we’re celebrating women who chose to challenge themselves, status quo and change.

So many inspirational women are here amongst us and in our community. We hope that we can inspire even more to not be afraid and start their own journey.

One of the most inspirational figures in our midst is Cheryl MacLean.

To those of you who don’t know Cheryl, she’s a successful entrepreneur, amazing mother and inspiring leader. She's the beating heart of Candle Shack. The time has come and we thought we should finally share the full story of Cheryl Maclean and how it all began.

2010-2021. A decade of hard work, challenges and triumphs. 

Cheryl’s story started off in a kitchen, making candles with her husband Duncan, which over time grew into a multi-million pound company- Candle Shack. The company is now the leading candle manufacturer producing products for some of the most well-known luxury brands. It also serves businesses in over 60 countries, acquires over 9 million page views per year, and looks after a highly engaged community with nearly 10 thousand members.

Watch the interview with Cheryl to learn the whole story of how it all began,  followed by some invaluable advice to all aspiring candle makers out there.





Credits: Cheryl MacLean

Producer & Director: Matthew O'Donnell




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