Meet Candle Shack’s Head Of R&D, David

David Barn - Head Of R&D and jive dancer

What do you do at Candle Shack?

I’m Head of Research & Development at Candle Shack. The R&D department tests new waxes, fragrance oils, diffuser bases and many other products to ensure that they are safe and fit for purpose. We also work closely with wax manufacturers and perfumers to help them develop high-quality candle-making products that we can then offer to our customers.

What is your favourite part of your job?

I like helping people, and the R&D department interacts with almost every other department in the Shack to solve problems and share knowledge and expertise. I particularly enjoy working with our external customers to support them on their candle-making journeys, especially when they thank us with cakes!

Why did you start Candle Shack recipes?

Developing your own special candle recipe can be frustrating, time-consuming and expensive. So, we decided to take away that pain and expense by creating ready-made candle recipes. We have matched up candle containers, waxes, fragrance oils and wicks so that customers can be assured that by following our recipes, they are making candles that will burn safely and cleanly. We have done all the development work for you to create beautiful container candles that meet international standards for fire safety and sooting behaviour.

What's your favourite thing to do outside of work?

I enjoy outdoor activities like trail running and mountain biking. Indoors, you’ll find me on the dance floor. I like ballroom and Latin, but I love jive. I’m a member of a jive demonstration team, and we perform at hospitals, care homes and charity events.