Myth Busting: Essential Oils

Step into the marvellous world of essential oils! As amazing as these oils are, there’s so much floating around them that it can be difficult to know what’s true and what’s not. Join us as we fact-check some of the most common misconceptions about essential oils!

Myth 1 - Essential oils are chemical-free

All physical substances in the world are made of chemicals, essential oils included. There is a common misconception that all chemicals are man-made and this is where the confusion comes from. Essential oils are free of synthetic (man-made) chemicals but they are made of natural chemicals.

Myth 2 - Essential oils are safer than fragrance oils

Although still safe to use when sold, essential oils tend to have stronger hazard warnings than fragrance oils since they have higher contents of hazardous substances. This is because fragrance oils are synthetic blends that artificially keep hazardous substances under defined levels whereas essential oils' compositions are predefined by nature.

Myth 3 - Essential oils are qualitatively better than fragrance oils

This is not always true. Since fragrance oils are synthetically made in laboratories, their composition and therefore overall quality will remain the same batch on batch. Essential oils, on the other hand, are natural and extracted from plants directly. As the plants' growing conditions can change due to weather and other elements, their composition may also change, affecting their quality.

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