Beat the Heat: Candle Making in the Summertime

Hello, Shackers! As we swap our woolly socks for flip-flops and our hot cocoa for ice-cold lemonade, it's clear summer is upon us. But with the temperature rising, did you know that your candle-making process might need a little seasonal adjustment too? That's right, just like your wardrobe, your candle crafting can benefit from a summertime makeover. Let’s dive into how you can tweak your candle-making processes to suit those warmer months, ensuring your candles are just as fabulous as your summer vibe.

Tips to beat the heat

1. Wax on, Heat Down

First off, the warmer ambient temperatures can affect how your wax behaves. You might find your wax melting a tad quicker than usual, which sounds like a time-saver, right? But here’s the thing - it also means your wax will cool slower, which can mess with your set times and even cause some funky finishes on your candles. To compensate you can turn down your wax Melter down a few degrees and make sure your working and candle cooling areas are temperature controlled.

2. Frosting: Not Just for Cupcakes

Ah, frosting – it’s not just for cakes during summer barbecues. Frosting on candles can become more pronounced with temperature fluctuations, especially in those made with soy or other vegetable waxes. While it’s a sign of a natural product (a badge of honor, really), you might want to minimize it for aesthetic reasons. Keeping your crafting area cool and consistent can help (Think 20 degrees C +/- 5 degrees). Consider making your candles during the cooler parts of the day or in a temperature controlled room.

3. Set and Forget? Not Quite!

Setting time is crucial, and in summer, your candles might fancy taking their sweet time. A bit like us lounging by the pool, they’re in no rush to harden. To encourage them, you can use fans to circulate air or even (carefully) use an air conditioner (If you have one) to create a cooler environment (again, around 20 degrees C). But remember, it’s a gentle nudge, not a deep freeze. You’re aiming for a refreshing breeze, not an arctic blast as if it gets too cold it will cause vegetable wax candles especially to frost or crack more! Evenly space your candles out so that the heat can dissipate evenly. If your candles are huddled like penguins then the ones in the middle will not cool properly.

4. Keep it Light

Summer is all about those lighter, brighter vibes, and your candles can reflect that too. Opt for lighter fragrances that evoke the season - think citrus, ocean breeze, or freshly cut grass. Not only do these scents scream summer, but they also blend beautifully with the naturally lighter atmosphere of your space during these months. Watch this space for our summer trend report coming soon!

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5. Testing 1, 2, 3

Here’s the thing – no matter the season, testing is your best friend. Summer brings its own set of challenges, namely, heat. Remember candles will perform differently depending on the temperature. If your room gets over 25 degrees C, the test results won't be as valid.

6. Embrace the Season

Last but not least, have fun with it! Summer is a fantastic time to experiment with vibrant colours, fun shapes, and seasonal themes. Why not try making melts in the shape of flowers or seashells to top your candles with, or It’s a time to be playful and creative, celebrating the joy and warmth of the season in every candle you pour.

Wrapping up

So there you have it, Shackers – your guide to adjusting your candle-making process for the warm, glorious months of summer. With these tips and tricks, you’re all set to create candles that not only look and smell summer-ready but also withstand the heat like champs. Happy crafting, and remember, the best candles are made with a dash of love, a sprinkle of creativity, and a good dollop of summer sunshine! 🌞🕯️