What is an IFRA certificate and why does it matter?

IFRA are the International Fragrance Association, and they produce 'IFRA standards' which are globally recognised for regulating the safe use of fragrance ingredients. Following IFRA standards is compulsory for IFRA members only, but the members produce around 80% of the world’s fragrance materials. Being IFRA compliant goes a long way in showing due diligence when creating and selling safe fragranced products. Therefore, most suppliers provide IFRA certificates for their fragrances, so makers can look to see the maximum level of use in their chosen application. Products are split into different categories and have a maximum level of use calculated, based on the ingredients in the fragrance. Since IFRA’s 49th amendment, these are the product categories relevant to our industry:

Category 5A/5C – Body lotion and hand cream.

Category 9 – Bar soap, liquid soap.

Category 10A – Reed diffusers, diffuser re-fills.

Category 10B – Room sprays

Category 12 – Candles