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The aim of Candle Shack's Academy is to provide a resource for all candle makers, irrespective of size or experience, to ensure that the candles we produce are as safe as they can be and bring enjoyment to those who use them.  We hope that, by making this collection of articles and video tutorials freely available to all candle makers, we can protect this wonderful industry and perhaps in a small way, help it to flourish as it continues to evolve. 

More and more of the candles we use in our homes today were made by start-ups, entrepreneurs and people looking for a second-income.  These small businesses and individuals are passionate, innovative and very exciting to be around, but often lack technical experience. Most are willing to learn, but there is no school, no college, no university offering the answers to their questions.

There are of course many community groups, including our own, but we felt that we could (and should) provide a place where people can come to learn.  Having grown from a 'home business' to one of Europe's leading luxury candle manufacturers, we feel an obligation to help the next generation of candle-makers bridge the knowledge-gap that exists today.  Our goal for the academy is quite simply to "answer your burning questions"

We do not claim to have all the answers and will update this resource in response to feedback as required, so please do get involved. The Academy is organised into sections which can be seen below.  Simply click any of the tiles to learn more about that topic. 

If you would like to request a new article, video or topic, please contact us and we will add it to our waiting list.

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Please click on the thumbnail images to visit the relevant section of the academy.  To return to the Academy Homepage, simply click 'Academy' in the main navigation.  We hope you enjoy the articles.

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