CS2 Information

Candle Shack Blend 2 (CS2) is a professional grade container wax that combines the marketing and clean-burning benefits of natural vegetable wax, with the stability and scent throw of mineral wax.  CS2 is a complex blend of hydrogenated vegetable oils and highly refined paraffin waxes, designed specifically for scented candles.  It is supplied in space saving slabs, so will not fill your wax melter with air.  The vegetable component contains RSPO certified palm oil.

Widely used by us for our portfolio of luxury brand owners, CS2 offers professional level performance.  Features include...

  • Single pour
  • Easy glass adhesion
  • Excellent surface aesthetic
  • Good fragrance compatibility (recommended maximum load is 10%)

How to use...

  1. Pre-heat containers to room temperature or above (21C+)
  2. Pour wax at 70-75C for best results
  3. Allow to cool at ambient temperature

If you follow these instructions, you should achieve good glass adhesion most of the time.  There is no need to remelt the surface or use a second pour, although you can if desired.


CS2 is an extremely easy wax to wick and supports many different wick types.  We typically use Wedo Stabilo and V wicks in CS2.