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Ecosystem RS1 Wax

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EcoSystem RS1 is a tried and tested 100% natural wax which overcomes many of the weaknesses associated with vegetable waxes.  It is shipped in block format.

Finally, a 100% natural candle wax that can be used straight out of the box by novices and seasoned chandlers alike!

Developed in the UK by Candle Shack and manufactured under license by British Wax, EcoSystem RS1 is a unique blend of hydrogenated rapeseed and soybean oils.  This is a truly professional grade candle wax, which many of our luxury brand clients have been using for 12-24 months with excellent results.  

Unlike most vegetable waxes, RS1 is easy to wick and promotes wick self-trimming, whilst delivering very good scent throw with compatible oils.  It is particularly good with essential and nature identical oil blends.  RS1 can be prone to polymorphism/frosting, but this can be tackled by minimising temperature fluctuations during production.  

We have used this wax for the last year or two and our clients love it.  We hope that you will learn to use and love it too and welcome any feedback you may have.  Please let us know how you get on with RS1 and feel free to share your successes and frustrations.

Usage recommendations:

  • Recommended melting temperature: 60ºC 
  • Recommended pouring temperature: 55ºC 
  • Suggested wicks for 9cl candles: CL6, Stabilo 6, LA1, LB1, LC1 
  • Suggested wicks for 20cl candles: CL12, Stabilo 12, LA2, LB2
  • Suggested wicks for 30cl candles: CL14-16, Stabilo 14-16, LA2, LB3
  • Recommended content for fragrance oils: 10% 
  • Recommended content for essential oils: 8% 
  • Recommended content for concentrated fragrance oils: 5% 
  • Curing time: 48 hours
Candle Shack Wax Ecosystem RS1 Wax Candle Shack Wax Ecosystem RS1 Wax