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Candle Shack

EcoSystem SCX Wax

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EcoSystem SCX is the latest addition to the ever popular EcoSystem natural wax range. 

SCX is a blend of hydrogenated Soy, Coconut and other sustainably sourced oils and is 100% plant based.  It contains no Beeswax or petroleum derived products.

SCX is creamy in colour, with full glass adhesion (no need to heat your vessels) and fabulous scent throw.  There is little or no frosting when poured correctly. 
Melt point is 47C, so we recommend heating the wax to 65 - 70c, add your fragrance straight away, stir well and pour at 55-60C.
We recommend using 8 or 10% fragrance with this wax. 
SCX is provided in slab form, or in an 800g recyclable Kraft Tub.
Wick Guidelines.
Whilst you will need to conduct testing, as wicking varies for each oil, the below is a reasonable start point, based on tests we have conducted in the lab.
9cl - LX12/LX14
20cl - VRL11-14, Stabilo 12, VRL18-22 (for difficult fragrances)
30cl - CL14, LX22, Stabilo 14-16.

Please note, this wax is sold by slab and box and not by exact weight.  The weight of slabs can vary due to the nature of the wax.  Each slab will weigh approximately 5.2kg, but there can be a variation of around 100g.  This means a slab will typically weigh between 5.1kg and 5.3kg.  

Similarly, a box can have typically a net weight of between 25.5kg and 26.5kg.

Candle Shack Wax EcoSystem SCX Wax Candle Shack Wax EcoSystem SCX Wax