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EcoSystem Vegan Friendly Diffuser Base

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Ecosystem Vegan-Friendly Diffuser Base is a diffuser base that is suitable for Vegan friendly brands. In fact, it's suitable for anyone who wants a great performance from their diffusers. The manufacturing process uses Synthetic acetone and 99.5% glycerine that is obtained only from non-GMO plant oils. The oils are predominantly rapeseed and sunflower oils. This means that customers can use Ecosystem Vegan-Friendly Diffuser Base safe in the knowledge that no animal products or animal testing have been used at any stage during its manufacture.


Ecosystem Vegan-Friendly Diffuser Base meets the strict “non-GMO” standards and regulations of EC 1829/2003 and 1830/2003). None of the processing aids used in the production of our Ecosystem Vegan Friendly Diffuser Base contain or consist of GMOs and are not produced from GMOs. No antioxidants, preservatives, nanomaterials or glycol ethers are used at any stage of its manufacture.


Ecosystem Vegan-Friendly Diffuser Base is clear and colourless, with low odour. It offers excellent solubility for fragrance oils, and is suitable for high levels of scent loading (15-20%).  It works extremely well with synthetic reeds in diffusers, but is equally suited to a wide array of home fragrance products, including room & linen sprays. Features include fragrance enhancement, HSE profile improvement, eco-friendly product, solubility power, low carbon footprint, low odour, non toxic.

You can find the SDS here.

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Candle Shack Base EcoSystem Vegan Friendly Diffuser Base