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Candle Shack

Gin & Tonic Fragrance Oil

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Sit down, relax and enjoy our Gin And Tonic Fragrance Oil! Its fresh, green and citrussy aromas are sure to cheer you up. Take a deep breath in and you’ll be back at your favourite bar, a G&T in hand, laughing with your friends after a long day. This delicious fragrance makes incredibly refreshing candles, wax melts and room sprays. More information.

Please note: This fragrance oil may occasionally crystallise in the bottle, particularly if it has been shipped or stored at low temperature. This can be resolved by loosening the cap and placing the bottle in warm water, swirling occasionally until the crystals melt. This will not affect the performance of the fragrance oil.


IFRA 49:  Please be advised that from the 10th May 2022, this oil cannot be used above 2.47% in Reed diffusers.  It can be used at up to 20% in products sold before this date.  We are not working on a modification for this oil, as it would change the character too much.  As such, IFRA 49 changes have made this fragrance unsuitable in reed diffusers and we recommend that you phase them out prior to the 10th May 2022 deadline. There will not be a Mod for this as the Ifra Limits are too low.



Designed in France
Designed in France
Optimised for candles
Optimised for candles





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Candle Shack Fragrance Gin & Tonic Fragrance Oil Candle Shack Fragrance Gin & Tonic Fragrance Oil

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product details

  • Bright and bubbly Gin And Tonic Fragrance Oil
  • A delicious and refreshing fragrance oil
  • Perfect for upbeat, relaxed moods
  • Exciting and cooling aroma of sipping a gin and tonic after a long day
  • Fresh and long-lasting aroma
  • Crisp top notes of aldehydes and green lime
  • Heart notes of cypress herbaceous, juniper berry and pine for freshness
  • Earthy base notes of amber, cedarwood, moss and wood

Is there a more quintessentially British cocktail than the G&T? Our Gin And Tonic Fragrance Oil is fun, refreshing and delicious. A crisp combination of herbaceous and citrus with a cool earthy undertone, this fragrance makes cheerful candles, wax melts and room sprays that will fly off the shelves.

This fragrance (1) opens the crisp and fresh aroma of aldehyde sharpened by the citrussy zing of green lime, cooling us with their fizzy freshness. This bubbly feeling is extended by an (2) uplifting heart with clean cypress herbaceous, evergreen pine and lightly peppery juniper berry, capturing the mouth-watering purity of clarified gin. The fragrance is complemented by an (3) earthy base of clean green moss, wooded and cedarwood with a hint of sweet amber, like the initial light-headed touch of inebriation. Toast to this deliciously bubbly fragrance!


Designed By Experts

We work with the best European perfumers who harvest and expertly blend the finest ingredients to create out-of-this-world fragrances designed specifically for candles.

Lab Tested

All our fragrances are thoroughly tested by our in-house lab of home fragrance experts to ensure they are safe and deliver incredible performances.

Environmentally conscious

All our fragrances are vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, responsibly sourced and are sold in infinitely recyclable aluminium bottles to be kinder to Mother Nature.