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AAK - Golden Wax S41

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Looking for a sustainable wax with a hot throw that packs a punch for your container candles? Golden Wax S41 is your answer.

This super-soft soybean wax is an excellent plant-based wax produced in Sweden by the global wax giant AAK under the name Golden Wax. Originally developed for large candle producers, S41 offers a high fragrance retention, powerful hot throw, is extremely stable, easy to wick and burns incredibly clean. Download the technical specifications here.

S41 is made from 100% natural and responsibly-sourced materials, free from GMOs, toxic substances and synthetic additives. On top of that, AAK takes sustainability very seriously, so you can be sure the products you are using meet rigorous ethical and environmental standards. Read all about it here.

Like all soy waxes, S41 is prone to polymorphism, especially on resets, but this can be managed through temperature control. Alternatively, blending it with 30 - 50% mineral wax will eliminate the issue altogether. S41 mixes beautifully with CS1 and this hybrid blend is favoured by many large producers.

This luxurious wax is available in convenient 800g tubs to help you sample and road-test this wax without having to commit to whole blocks from the get-go. And once you've been won over, get S41 in 25kg block format to save you space.

Product features

  • Container candle wax
  • Plant-based wax
  • High fragrance retention
  • Powerful hot throw
  • Vegan friendly
  • 100% GMO-free soybean
  • Devoid of toxic substances and synthetic additives

Usage recommendations

  • Fragrance load: 8%
  • Wick family: CL
  • We recommend heating S41 to 60°C to melt.
  • Add the fragrance at 60°C and stir until the oil has dissolved
  • The mixture is ready to pour at around 31°C when it starts to look cloudy.
  • Leave the candle to cure for at least 2 days at 20°C for the best results.
    Candle Shack BV Wax AAK - Golden Wax S41