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Kerasoy Soy Container Wax

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The current batch is in 10kg Block format rather than Pastilles. 5kg are in solid blocks in tubs.

Kerasoy Container wax is a new and very easy to use blend of soy wax and other natural waxes. It provides excellent container adhesion, with minimal shrinkage, delivering an excellent finished appearance in clear glass. There is usually no need to pre-heat glassware and the wax should be poured around 50C.

Like most soy wax blends, polymorphism can appear during or after cooling and between burns, but this is normal. If you do get a poor surface, simply complete a top-up pour once the candle has cooled. This is usually no more than 5-10% of the overall candle mass. I.e. to 2-pour a 30cl (220g) candle, the first pour should be around 200g and the top up should be around 20g. This will deliver the best results.

The surface can also be smoothed using a heat-gun. When we tested Kerasoy container blend in our laboratory, we got the best results with CL and Stabilo wicks. For sizing purposes, a CL16/CL17 will usually wick a 75mm (30cl) tumbler. This will clearly depend on the oil and load used, but it is a useful start point for testing.

For further advice on wick selection, please check out our Candle Shack Community Group or visit our Academy and see our articles and videos on wick selection.

Kerax Wax Kerasoy Soy Container Wax Kerax Wax Kerasoy Soy Container Wax