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V14 Wick

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The Wedo V14 Wick is a heavily engineered wick, which can handle complex perfumes and dyes that cause other wicks to fail. The secret lies in the metalized threads integrated into the coreless thread construction. The metalized threads are not wire, but ring-spun cotton threads with a metal powder applied in a process specific to Wedo. These threads act as a catalyst, helping to break down complicated molecules during the combustion process. This can help reduce or eliminate the carbon deposit formation or wick disintegration often encountered in difficult blend/colour/fragrance combinations. We commonly use the V Wick with paraffin blends for luxury clients, when scent loads are particularly high, or when other wicks fail.

All wicks are 110mm long with a thin paraffin wax coating for stability. For wicks at custom lengths (MOQ 1000), please email

vegan friendly

Wedo Wick V14 Wick