We are all looking to save a little money wherever we can at the moment, especially for those who are running a small business. Candle making can be extremely expensive, not to mention the testing process! We have put together a list of 5 ways that you can save money without sacrificing quality

1. Bulk orders

Ordering the products you need in bulk is a great way of securing discounts on items as most places will offer products at a reduced price the larger the quantity that you order. This is especially useful when ordering items that do not have a use by date like glassware, reeds, or bottles as they won’t spoil. If you know you will be reordering the item in a month’s time, then it’s time to start bulk ordering!

2. Get free advice and guidance

There is a whole world of free advice waiting for you on the internet, you just need to make sure that you are getting it from reputable sources.

Candle communities are a great place to share knowledge and experience with our candle makers and get advice on fragrance oil, wicks, burn testing and more! You can join the Candle Shack Community here.

You can also find great instructional videos and information on YouTube that can be a great starting point for learning all the different aspects of candle making you need to consider before you get started. You can subscribe to Candle Shacks YouTube channel here.

3. Save money on samples

Finding the perfect new scents for your collections can be tricky and ordering many difference fragrance oils at once cause be expensive, especially if you end up not even liking the scent. Finding more cost-effective methods of sampling products can save you a lot of money in the long run.

At Candle Shack you can now buy wax melt samples of some of our best sellers, this way you can save money, cut down on waste and get to enjoy the gorgeous wax melts in your own home.

4. Save time and money on testing

We all know that testing is one of the most expensive and time-consuming parts of the candle making process. Getting the correct combination of wax, fragrance oil and wick is a painstaking process. Using our wick recommendations on each of our fragrance oil pages is a great place to start but can still take some time to perfect.

This is why we have created our Tried & Tested recipes to save you time in the testing phase. The R&D team here at Candle Shack have worked tirelessly for more than a year to create a series of detailed candle recipes to help you get started. Our recipes have been tested with fragrance oil percentage, wax and wick so you have a great starting point for your own testing.

5. Switch to cost effective products

No one wants to sacrifice quality for cost, but often you can find that your favourite products can have identical (or almost identical) versions of them that work just as well as the brand name!

One great example of this is Ecosystem Vegan-Friendly Diffuser Base. It is chemically identical to Augeo, this means you can use the same CLP label. If the fact this diffuser base is vegan and cruelty free doesn’t convince you to swap, maybe the price will! Ecosystem Vegan-Friendly Diffuser Base is currently on sale for 20% off!