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100ml Squat Circular Diffuser Bottle - Matt Peach (Box Of 6)

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Meet your next sensation: our matt peach 100ml Diffuser Bottle!

Elegant, cosy, and distinctive, this diffuser bottle is sure to turn your customers' heads with its masterful Italian craftsmanship, high-quality glass, and gorgeously warm colour inspired by Pantone's colour of the year Peach fuzz. Symbolising nurture, kindness, and community, this eye-catching peach colour marries gentle pinks and velvety oranges into one soothing hue that will elevate your collection and turn your diffusers into instant must-haves.

Complete the effect with rattan reeds, a cap, the powerful Perfumer's Alcohol, and our Peach Couture Fragrance Oil, embodying the spirit of Pantone's Peach Fuzz. We even have a range of professional-grade diffuser recipes with step-by-step instructions to get you started on your journey to fragrance success!


  • Outer Diameter (Top) - 6.95cm
  • Outer Height - 7.91cm
  • Outer Diameter (Bottom) - 6.95cm

Please note:

  • This is a limited-edition product. Once it's gone, it will not be restocked.
    Do not wash this product as it might damage the glass. Clean with a soft warm damp cloth.
  • All diffusers come empty. Pictures are for inspirational purposes only. Caps, reeds, fragrances, and bases are sold separately.
  • Diffuser bases are solvents that can damage painted surfaces. Be careful not to spill the diffuser base on the painted surface of the bottle, as this may remove the paint. Quickly wipe any spillages and take care when flipping reeds.
Candle Shack Diffuser Bottle 100ml Squat Circular Diffuser Bottle - Matt Peach (Box Of 6)

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