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Candle Shack

Candle Shack CS1 Container Wax

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CS1 is back and better than ever. 

This is our latest container blend which is optimised almost entirely for scent throw and now requested by many of our luxury brand clients.  CS1 is a mineral and rapeseed blend, with a beautiful white texture and unmatched stability.  For those of you who like SASOL 6213, you are going to love this.  

CS1 enables you to use less fragrance while delivering optimal hot and cold throw and the wax can hold at least 10% of most fragrances.

 vegan friendly

Usage recommendations:

  • Recommended melting temperature: 70ºC 
  • Recommended pouring temperature: 65ºC 
  • Suggested wicks for 9cl candles: LX8-10, SA1, SB1, SC1
  • Suggested wicks for 20cl candles: LX12-14, SA2, SB2
  • Suggested wicks for 30cl candles: LX16-18, TG16, SB2, SC3
  • Recommended content for fragrance oils: 7% - 8% 
  • Recommended content for essential oils: 6% - 7% 
  • Recommended content for concentrated fragrance oils: 3% - 5% 
  • Curing time: 48 hours 
Candle Shack Wax Candle Shack CS1 Container Wax Candle Shack Wax Candle Shack CS1 Container Wax