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Christmas Tree Fragrance Oil

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Pine - Eucalyptus - Green Notes


Pine - Cedarwood - Sandalwood - Guaiacwood

A rich Herbal fragrance dominated by Siberian Pine alongside Eucalyptus & Precious Woods.


Coming soon!! We have had Christmas Tree reformulated in UK so that diffusers can be used at a higher percentage. The new Mod has arrived and is now online. The last batch number for the old batch is 176226. This can still be used in Candles, Melts, Room sprays at the percentages you are using. The only difference is that diffusers can only be used at a maximum of 14.44%

The new Mod can be used in all Home Fragrance products including Diffusers which can be used at 20%. The first batch number is 176336.

All old and new SDS's and CLP Labels are in the PDF files.

A selection of SDS (oil, candle, diffuser) and labels can be downloaded below.

If you cannot find the SDS you require (i.e. different scent loading), please ask us, as we may be able to create it for you.

Safety Data Sheets

Section 2.2 of the SDS highlights the CLP information to be shown on product labels.

Candle Shack Fragrance Christmas Tree Fragrance Oil Candle Shack Fragrance Christmas Tree Fragrance Oil Candle Shack Fragrance Christmas Tree Fragrance Oil

Tried & Tested Recipes

Need help? The Candle Shack laboratory has set out to create the perfect candle for each of our fragrances.

They've tested the optimal combinations of fragrance, wax, wick and jars to produce recipes engineered to generate incredible hot and cold throw with a perfect burn profile that will leave your customers wanting more.

Ready to get started? Select and download your desired glass and wax selction from the options to begin crafting your candle.