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Candle Shack

EcoSystem RCX Container Wax

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Introducing our EcoSystem Rapeseed & Coconut (RCX) natural wax blend.  This wax is blended in Europe exclusively for Candle Shack and is made from rapeseed oil and coconut oil and nothing else.  It is completely free from paraffin, soy, palm, beeswax and synthetic additives.

The wax has a melting point of around 40°C and is firm to the touch. Fragrance content is typically between 8% and 12% depending on the oil although 10% should be sufficient for most oils.

Usage recommendation:

  • Recommended melting temperature: 60ºC 
  • Recommended pouring temperature: 38ºC - 40ºC 
  • Suggested wicks for 9cl candles: CL6, Stabilo 5, LA1, LB1, LC1 
  • Suggested wicks for 20cl candles: CL10, Stabilo 10, LA2, LB2
  • Suggested wicks for 30cl candles: CL12-14, Stabilo 12-14, LA2, LB3
  • Recommended content for fragrance oils: 8% - 10% 
  • Recommended content for essential oils: 8% 
  • Recommended content for concentrated fragrance oils: 5% 
  • Curing time: 48 hours

To find out more about our RCX wax, watch our video here

Candle Shack Wax EcoSystem RCX Container Wax Candle Shack Wax EcoSystem RCX Container Wax - 12.5kg Box Candle Shack Wax EcoSystem RCX Container Wax

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