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Geranium & Peppermint Fragrance Oil with Citrepel Insect Repellent

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Sweet and fresh, our Geranium And Peppermint Fragrance Oil is beautifully balanced between floral and woody notes with a hint of powder. This aroma is as refreshing as a stroll through a fragrant botanical garden. Containing both essential oils and materials derived from natural sources, this blend has a beautiful floral top note combined with the sweet citrus aroma of litsea cubeba. The aromatic crisp oil of peppermint blends beautifully with sensual patchouli and woody cedar notes. Read more.

It is also mixed with the insect-repellent Citrepel, making it the perfect outdoor candle. Gorgeous in candles, wax melts, diffusers, and room sprays.

A selection of SDS (oil, candle, diffuser) and labels can be downloaded below.

If you cannot find the SDS you require (i.e. different scent loading), please ask us, as we may be able to create it for you.

Safety Data Sheets

Section 2.2 of the SDS highlights the CLP information to be shown on product labels.

Candle Shack UK Fragrance Geranium & Peppermint Candle Shack Fragrance Geranium & Peppermint


Pair this fantastic fragrance with one of our luxurious candle tins!

Made from responsibly-sourced materials, these sturdy and elegant vessels are the perfect match for our Citrepel fragrances. Their rustic chic look available in silver, gold and rose gold will charmingly complement the airy beauty of these stunning scents while making them outdoors-ready.

 To get you started, our lab of expert chandlers has even prepared a recipe with a powerful scent throw using our 20cl tins. Time to get making - grab your supplies and create the ultimate outdoor candles!


Extra information

product details

  • Refreshing and sweet Geranium And Peppermint Fragrance Oil 
  • Chypre and floral fragrance oil  
  • Contains citrepel, a highly effective insect repellent  
  • Bright, refreshing aroma of a stroll through lush botanical gardens 
  • Floral/Woody blended long-lasting aroma 
  • Fresh top notes of geranium, listea cubeba and cedarwood, breathe life into the fragrance, giving it a welcoming, refreshing undercurrent 
  • Heart notes of geranium and patchouli add floral woodiness 
  • Sweet base notes of labdanum, vanilla and ciste  

What does nature-derived mean?

Nature-derived fragrances are complex compounds, derived from natural aromatics extracted from nature including trees, plants, and flowers, that also include a small amount of replicated natural accords harnessed without harming the environment. These natural accords are processed from natural sources by physical or biotechnical procedures to harness the ingredients and consist of materials that can be physically isolated from plants through distillation expression and extraction.

Nature-derived materials can be extracted from plants - one oil can have several different isolates from several plants.

Which naturals are in our Geranium & Peppermint Fragrance Oil?


Cistus Labdanum extract

Geranium oil

Litsea Cubeba Mint Oil

Patchouli oil

This oil aims to provide candle makers with an option for making outdoor candles. It is blended with Citrepel, produced in the UK, which is a naturally derived, highly effective insect repellent. Citrepel is registered under the Biocidal Products Directive (BPR) and certified as a product of natural origin by ECOCERT. Produced from natural essential oils, Citrepel is very high in PMD, a powerful active ingredient shown to be effective against a broad spectrum of insects. Your candles will be both beautiful and effective at keeping insects at bay for an even better experience outdoors! 

clp label design tool

Our free CLP label design tool is the best way to quickly get an accurate label and combine it with your saftey information.

You'll find all the Candle Shack fragrances and essential oils included. If you run into any trouble or have any questions about our CLP tool, head to our CLP FAQ Page.

To launch the CLP tool, click here.

Tried & Tested Recipes

Need help? The Candle Shack laboratory has set out to create the perfect candle for each of our fragrances.

They've tested the optimal combinations of fragrance, wax, wick and jars to produce recipes engineered to generate incredible hot and cold throw with a perfect burn profile that will leave your customers wanting more.

Ready to get started? Select and download your desired glass and wax selction from the options to begin crafting your candle.