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Golden Brands

GW 464 Soy Wax

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 Discover the most popular soy wax: Golden Wax 464.

This smooth and creamy plant-based container wax is produced by global wax giant AAK under the Golden Wax name. It offers an excellent scent throw, beautiful depth of colour, good adhesion and shiny tops. To see AAK's product statement on 464, please click here.

464 is an excellent vegan-friendly wax made from responsibly-sourced soy. On top of that, AAK takes sustainability very seriously, so you can be sure the products you are using meet rigorous ethical and environmental standards. Read all about it here.

The wax is microwavable and can hold upwards of 10% of most fragrances, although 8% is usually more than enough. Stabilo also tend to work best with 464, depending on the fragrance. For instance, a 30cl candle will typically perform well with a Stabilo16/18.

Like most plant waxes, 464 is prone to circular surface cracking but this can usually be reduced or even eliminated by good temperature control. The likelihood of polymorphism can also be reduced by having glassware at room temperature (20°C), working at a warm ambient temperature and preventing rapid temperature changes during the cooling process.

Product features

  • Container candle wax
  • Plant-based wax
  • Vegan friendly
  • Excellent scent throw
  • Good depth of colour
  • Produces shiny tops
  • Good adhesion
  • Can be melted in a microwave
  • Prone to circular cracking and polymorphism

Usage recommendations

  • Fragrance load: 8%
  • Wick families: Stabilo
  • Melting temperature: 70-75°C
  • Fragrance addition temperature: 60-70°C
  • Pouring temperature: 60°C
  • Working ambient temperature: 18-25°C
  • Make sure your glasses are at room temperature (18-20°C)
  • If the top is uneven once set, you can flash the surface with a heat gun
  • Leave the candle to cure for at least 2 days at 18-25°C for the best results

Thinking of switching to the European-made Golden Wax 464? Learn how to migrate to it here.

For advice on using this wax, please visit our active Community Forum.

Golden Brands Wax GW 464 Soy Wax Golden Brands Wax GW 464 Soy Wax