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Golden Brands

GW 464 Soy Wax

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 GW 464 is a good quality soy wax produced by global wax giant AAK under the Golden Brands name.

With a melting point of 45-48°C, CL and Stabilo wicks tend to work best in this wax, with a 30cl candle requiring a CL17/CL18 or Stabilo 16/18. This will of course depend on fragrance.

The wax will hold 10%+ of most fragrances, although 8% is usually more than enough.

As ever, a warm ambient temperature (20°C), warm glassware and the prevention of rapid temperature changes during cooling will reduce the likelihood of polymorphism/frosting.

This wax is prone to circular surface cracking, but this can usually be reduced/eliminated by good temperature control.

To see AAK's Product statement on 464, click here.

For advice on using this wax, please visit our active Community Forum.



Golden Brands Wax GW 464 Soy Wax Golden Brands Wax GW 464 Soy Wax