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The Temptress Fragrance Oil

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An enticing and sultry scent, The Temptress is bold, mysterious and provocative. Like two lovers in disguise, swirling in flurries of silk, satin and lace. The Temptress teases the senses like eyes behind a racy masquerade mask. Incredible in candles wax melts, room sprays, diffusers and body products. More Info.

  • The Temptress Fragrance Oil teases with its intoxicating aroma
  • A sensual and powerful fragrance oil
  • This flirtatious fragrance is ideal for seductiveexcited moods
  • Racy raspberry and aromatic amber intermingle over lacy patchouli and musky cedarwood, emboldened by boozy balsamic to epitomise a lady's transformation into an irresistible temptress
  • Long-lasting provocative aroma
  • Dazzlingly decadent dry amber infused with top notes of rambunctious raspberry
  • Middle notes of cooling cedarwood, spiced with earthy notes of patchouli and dry amber
  • Balsamic and dry amber buttressing musky bottom notes

Succumb to your senses with our mesmerizing The Temptress Fragrance Oil. Let the musky dry amber dance with zingy notes of raspberry petticoats and beautiful balsamic, dominated by an earthy, natural base of cedarwood and spiced patchouli. A fragrance to fall in love with for candles, wax melts, diffusers, room sprays and body products.

Ancient notes of dry amber underpin this elusive, exotic and excitingly provocative fragrance that evokes feelings of a royal masquerade. It (1) opens with subtle, sweet hints of juicy raspberry that entice like a pair of full red lips. This (2) intermingles with a decadent earthy heart of cedarwood, spiced with patchouli that delicately elevates the already invigorated senses. This feeling is (3) complemented with musky end notes emboldened with a boozy kiss of balsamic bliss and will leave you dreaming of ballroom dancing, in a castle in the sky. A fragrance that's as elusive as it is seductive. Gorgeous Candles, Melts, Diffusers (15%), Room Sprays and Body Products - Check IFRA for percentages.


A selection of SDS (oil, candle, diffuser) and labels can be downloaded below.

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Safety Data Sheets

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Candle Shack Fragrance The Temptress Candle Shack Fragrance The Temptress

Tried & Tested Recipes

Need help? The Candle Shack laboratory has set out to create the perfect candle for each of our fragrances.

They've tested the optimal combinations of fragrance, wax, wick and jars to produce recipes engineered to generate incredible hot and cold throw with a perfect burn profile that will leave your customers wanting more.

Ready to get started? Select and download your desired glass and wax selction from the options to begin crafting your candle.